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Act One

Act One

Julie Snyder talks about a favorite passage from Sarah Vowell's story in episode 107: Trail of Tears:


Then she talks about Alex Blumberg's interview with Griffin Hansbury in episode 220: Testosterone:


Producer Robyn Semien talks about Ira's interview with Denise Moore, who was trapped in the New Orleans Convention Center after Hurricane Katrina. That interview was in episode 296: After the Flood:


Nancy Updike picked John Hodgman's story about trying to write a screenplay for a movie that already existed, from episode 232: The Real Story:


Then Sarah Koenig talks about Nancy's writing in episode 266: I’m from the Private Sector and I’m Here to Help, about military contractors in Iraq:


Sarah also talks about Josh Bearman's story about his mom and brother, from episode 334: Duty Calls:


And about Ira's interview with Tami Sagher in episode 314: It’s Never Over:


(29 minutes)