September 21, 2018

The Runaways

A bunch of teenagers go missing from a town in Long Island. For months, the police treat them as runaways, ignoring the kids' parents, who keep trying to tell them otherwise. They keep trying to tell them that something much worse might have happened.

Natalie Keyssar


Ira takes us through a couple of occasions in which President Trump has evoked the brutal street gang MS-13. The President has lauded local law enforcement on Long Island on its efforts to stop the gang. But reporter Hannah Dreier has turned up evidence suggesting otherwise. (2 minutes)

This episode is a collaboration with Pro Publica, where Hannah is a reporter. You can read her print version on their website.

Act One

Hannah Dreier with ProPublica spent a year reporting in Brentwood, Long Island where three teenagers mysteriously disappeared. All three were considered runaways by the Suffolk County Police. The families of the teens suspected otherwise but couldn’t get police detectives to take them seriously. (29 minutes)

Act Two

Hannah Dreier’s story continues. She confronts former Suffolk County Police Commissioner Timothy Sini with her findings. And gets to the bottom of what may have happened to the first boy who was murdered, Miguel Garcia Moran. (25 minutes)


“Desaparecido” by Manu Chao